Warehousing and logistics

Warehousing and logistics halls present a major challenge in terms of safety. Significant traffic (forklifts and other transportation machinery) places the highest of demands on the quality and durability of the floor covering. Our anti-slip floor coverings help to prevent falling and slipping accidents and their subsequent costs; they are also durable and wear-resistant. The self-adhesive and wear-resistant coverings offer guaranteed protection and minimize the risk of accidents, especially on wet, dirty and slippery surfaces.

The Knuffi warning and protection bumper guards serve as a personal crumple zone between people, machines and fixtures. Employees are warned by the wear-resistant colour, while the unique polyurethane foam body provides high-quality impact protection.

Proper fork alignment presents a considerable challenge, particularly for inexperienced forklift drivers. The Safefork Accu-Tilt offers a very simple and extremely cost-effective solution to this problem. The Safefork Accu-Tilt shows forklift drivers the height and position of the forks and reduces the risk of damage to goods and materials. The Accu-Tilt is easy to install and can be used immediately afterwards.


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Anti-slip floor coverings
Knuffi warning and protective bumper guards

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