Wind Power

With the constant growth of the wind energy industry in Germany, occupational health and safety requirements for workers are also increasing. The BGI (information concerning health and safety issued by the German trade unions) regulates traffic route safety for wind turbines.

Despite high safety standards, wet surfaces and reduced visibility around on- and offshore wind turbines can lead to hazardous accidents.

Equipping and upgrading wind turbines with slip-resistant and shock-proof material is made possible with our easily attachable self-adhesive and durable anti-slip floor coverings and warning bumper guards.

The anti-slip surface is made of silicon carbide and is available in various designs (46- and 12-grit) and many different colours (including a glow-in-the-dark version), which ensures that it can be used in a wide range of applications.

The Knuffi warning and protection bumper guards serve as a personal crumple zone between people, machines and fixtures. Employees are warned by the wear-resistant colour, while the unique polyurethane foam body provides high-quality impact protection.


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Anti-slip floor coverings
Knuffi warning and protective bumper guards

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