Anti-slip products: Anti-slip coverings, mats, profiles

Diverse application possibilities of the anti-slip products

The human stride is one of the most dangerous in the ­animal kingdom. Over the course of two paces, a human is on only one foot for 84 % of the time.

Slipping, tripping and falling are the most common causes of ­noti­fiable accidents in the working environment, making up ­approximately 60 % of all cases. And accidents caused by tripping, slipping and falling are estimated to cost the German economy around 8 billion euros annually.


The wide range of anti-slip products offered by Securemen provides the optimal solution for every situation. Our anti-slip ­surfaces come in many different colours and finishes, as fibreglass or aluminium treads as well as in the shape of information and warning signs.

Securemen anti-slip surfaces prevent slipping accidents on ­underlying materials that are smooth, damp or smeared with oil or grease. They increase workplace safety and reduce costs arising from damage claims.

They are versatile and can be used in entrances, passages, ­footpaths, on stairs, gradients and ramps, as well as in machines and vehicles, kitchens and canteens to name a few examples.

Securemen anti-slip products are of the highest quality and ­comply with all the relevant quality standards (BGR 181, EU directive 89/654/ECC or DIN 67510). They are available at unbeatable prices for maximum economy and effectiveness.