Dock Bumpers

Loading dock bumpers are critical components of your warehouse protection plan and can help prevent major damage to vehicles, docks and buildings. IRONguard™ Loading Dock Bumpers offer best-in-class
features and benefits.


Get the right product for your dock environment.
Browse our complete range of product lineups to find the solution best suited to your dock environment.
We offer an amazing range of shapes, sizes and applications.

Precision Manufacturing

The best materials and the best processes.
Truck tires are about the toughest engineered rubber in the world. Our tire processing operation creates
bumper products that out perform recycled conveyor belt options for durability.

Cushion the Blow

IRONguard™ Dock Bumpers pay for themselves.
Protecting your loading dock area also protects your bottom line. Save by preventing damage and
avoiding costly repairs to vehicles, docks and buildings.


For install-almost-anywhere convenience.
Brackets and mounting plates make loading dock bumpers easy to install even on irregular or
unconventional surfaces. IRONguard™’s broad selection offers many options.

Strength in numbers. Three strong options:


Steel-Faced Dock Bumpers manufactured by IRONguard™ provide “Free Float” protection with structural
tie rods that float through elongated holes in the face plate. This combines the impact absorption
protection of conventional bumpers with the superior abrasion resistance of a steel face plate, especially
where frequent up and down movement is experienced (air-ride trailers, yard jockeys, etc.).


Laminated Dock Bumpers manufactured by IRONguard™ are a durable method for protecting docks in
low to medium traffic applications. Manufactured from reclaimed, bias-ply truck tires, IRONguard™ laminated
bumpers outlast ordinary bumpers made from used conveyor belting. Additional durability is gained
with robust, 10mm thick steel angles as the structural anchoring point to the dock.


Molded Rubber Dock Bumpers by IRONguard™ are an economical method for protecting docks in low to
medium traffic applications. Manufactured from reinforced prime rubber in several sizes, they can also be
applied beyond the loading dock as rub rails along walls and impact protection from forklifts.