Knuffi® - Warning and protection profiles with patented manufacturing processes

The secret is in the design of the profile body: In the middle of the profile is a core made of polyurethane foam. This is sheathed in polyurethane foil, which is fixed in place by foaming during production.

The key is in the application of the colours. By using so-called reverse printing on the inward-facing side of the foil, the foil itself protects the paint so that the warning colours remain in place even if heavy abrasion takes place.

A light- and ageing-resistant, high-performance adhesive is applied to the inside or the back of the profiles.

They come in standard lengths of 1 metre and in 5-metre rolls. The profiles can also be cut to length and are available on continuous rolls of up to 50 m.

Our products – "Hands on"

  • Corner protection
  • Surface protection
  • Edge protection
  • Piping protection
  • Magnet