For the past 30 years, PERMALIGHT® photoluminescent signs and luminous egress path markings have helped people find their way out of darkened environments such as buildings, vehicle tunnels, trains, ships, mines and other spaces. FCT offers you high-performance safety products from the PERMALIGHT®-Product collection:


Photoluminescent egress path signage leads building occupants into the nearest safe area or to emergency exits in the event of a fire or heavy smoke.

Safety devices such as first aid stations, medic, stretchers, emergency phone, emergency showers etc. are also marked with photoluminescent safety signs. These signs can also be combined with a directional arrow, however, directional arrows by themselves are not accepted and have to be combined with other messages. The colour of the sign is green, RAL 6032.


Floor markings can be made of many different materials (paint, PVC, aluminum, stainless steel, enamelled metal). Depending on the prevailing regulations and standards the width can vary. The common floor application is to either use guidance stripes or alternatively three symbols per meter are considered a continuous line as well and therefore form a proper low location lighting system.

Permalight Anwendungsvideo: Photolumineszierende Notausgang Markierungen

If you have any questions about our photoluminescent signs and control systems of PERMALIGHT, please contact us. We are pleased to help you.

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