Gabelstapler mit Safe-Bump System als Hechschutz und Eckschutz
Safe-Bump als Rammschutz an der Stapler-Gabel
Safe-Bump als flexibler 90° Kantenschutz an Flurförderfahrzeug
Mit Winkel befestigtes System Safe-Bump als Rammschutz an Gabelstapler


Forklift bumper protection

The Safe-Bump impact protection system has been specially developed for forklift trucks and industrial transport vehicles such as pallet jacks. By using Safe-Bump, you can provide more safety at the workplace, even in situations where there is limited visibility. This impact protection is made of soft PVC, so the energy of impact gets absorbed to prevent damage of the vehicle as well as other objects.

Safe-Bump crash protection systems can be used in a variety of ways to prevent or reduce damage to transport vehicles such as forklift trucks or pallet trucks:

  •     as rear protection for forklift trucks
  •     as side and corner protection
  •     as impact protection on the fork carriage

Safe-Bump: easy-to-install impact protection for fork-lift trucks


The Safe-Bump can be mounted easily on the rear and sides of fork-lift trucks. Two 45 kg magnets allow for easy installation on all magnetic surfaces. For attachment to grease-free non-metallic surfaces Safe-Bump is delivered with double-sided VHB tape.

  • Safe-Bump attaches to 4", 5" and 6" forks in seconds.
  • The double-sided tape can also be used to protect non-metallic surfaces.
  • Safe-Bump is only 38 mm (1.5") thick and reliably protects the fork from damage.
  • Safe-Bump protects the forklift truck as well as products, warehoused goods, racking and facilities it might hit.
  • Safe-Bump can be bent 90° to wrap around corners for maximum protection.

The Safe-Bump collision protection prevents damage in many situtions.

The forklift collision protection Safe-Bump provides an additional deformable zone in case of collisions with walls, racks or other vehicles. Safe Bump absorbs the impact energy and thus prevents damage. This avoids expensive repairs and lengthy downtime. In addition to protecting against damage, Safe Bump impact protection has a signal effect, as the system's bright colour increases the visibility of the forklift truck.

Safe Bump ram and rear protection: Scope of delivery

Lieferumfang des Gabelstapler Anfahrschutz-Systems Safe-Bump

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