Equipment's function

The design of the Secur series safety blinds has no differences comparing to the design of traditional vertical blinds, but the similarity is limited to this. Besides the standard components, the Secur blinds system includes steel tempered rods embedded in aluminum aerofoil-shaped blades, a patented locking mechanism that prevents an intruder penetration into the room, as well as protects against the consequences of blasting devices of various types. The blinds are designed for:

  • protection people and the interior of the premises from hitting by broken glass pieces and debris of the window frames and walls
  • increasing of the protection level of the site.
  • Main features

    Secur blinds are installed in the window opening and don't make any obstacles for emergency exit, cleaning and sanitary treatment of windows. Security Blinds intruder prevention is elegant, robust and effective. It is much more attractive and far more effective barrier than security bars and security grilles, many of which can be penetrated in seconds.

    • Blades are made of high-strength steel and capable to rotate in angle 180°
    • Blinds doors can be either hinged or sliding
    • Blinds have been tested for explosion resistance
    • Blades automatically are closed in a case of a blast wave impact
    • Blades, coupled to a unique, patented locking mechanism, create an impenetrable steel barrier
    • Blinds prevent glass fragments from entering into a room.


    Blinds are recommended for use: in special rooms of strategic objects of special purpose, in state institutions (municipalities, municipal buildings), in financial institutions (banks, ATM rooms, cash collection rooms), in the residences of government officials, in the buildings of public order organizations (police), in information centers of various organizations, in the buildings of commercial organizations, in healthcare institutions where expensive equipment is installed, etc.
    The technology of installation of Secur blinds indoors solves the problem of protecting buildings in places where the local authorities strictly prohibit the installation of external shutters and grilles, in order to avoid changing their appearance.
    Blinds are presented in any shades according to the RAL color scale.